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Hello and welcome to the Educated Traveller’s round up of 2021 and an optimistic look forward to 2022. We’ve always focused on high quality travel in Europe, especially Italy and this year has been no exception. A new discovery for us this year has been the magical and fascinating discovery of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the most north-easterly region of Italy, stretching from Venice in the west to Trieste in the east. It’s a wonderful area of rolling hills, fabulous coastline and superb wines. Our sister company Grand Tourist will be taking a small group to Friuli in April 2022. It’s true to say I can’t wait to get back there!

We’ve also rediscovered Le Marche, another less touristy part of Italy, located east of Tuscany on Italy’s Adriatic Coast. Le Marche is a land of medieval hilltop towns, vineyards and sandy beaches. It was also the home for many years of artist Lorenzo Lotto. Again we’ll be sharing this region with friends and clients in 2022. During the summer months we commissioned a Grand Tourist video which explains the special philosophy that we have developed over the years, where we focus on authentic and meaningful travel experiences enabling us to truly discover the essence of the places we visit.

We wish you and your family and friends warm wishes for the festive season, we hope that you’ll continue reading the Educated Traveller and perhaps we’ll welcome you on one of our Grand Tourist journeys next year…..’Travel broadens our horizons and replenishes the soul. It offers us a new found respect for our exceptional planet and a sense of discovery that enriches our lives…’

JANUARY – it’s planning time, maps, books, photos, guides and of course the Educated Traveller blog – there’s more than 300 articles on line talking about all things Italian. Why not start with a foray into Italian films to amuse, bemuse and confuse… Italian Films to make you laugh, cry and think… at the very least it’ll get you in the mood for a journey to Italy! We hope!

FEBRUARY and MARCH – It’s Carnevale in Venice and the streets are filled with elaborately costumed visitors from all over Europe, especially France. The French love Carnevale. It’s not too late to travel to Venice for Carnevale – it’s a photographer’s dream! Venice will be filled with costumed party-goers in the two weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday, so that’s from about 18th February until 2nd March, 2022.

APRIL – in April it’s our inaugural trip to Trieste, Aquileia and Venice – it’s going to be fantastic. Full programme of ‘deliciousness’ here: Trieste, Aquileia and Venice – April, 2022 and if you are not sure why to join us then read this: 12 Reasons to join us in Trieste, Italy next April

In April the internationally acclaimed Venezia Biennale event kicks off. In 2022 the theme is ‘The Milk of Dreams’ words by Leonora Carrington an exceptional surrealist artist, who provides the inspiration for next year’s event. You can see some of Leonora Carrington’s work here – she was a painter, writer, poet, costume designer and film maker – an extraordinary talent.

MAY – Monaco Historic Grand Prix, a Classic Car event that we’ve offered for years to loyal clients. By popular request we’ll be back in May to celebrate the early years of motor racing around the spectacular street circuit of Monaco. Enjoy an aperitivo in Casino Square, catch a glimpse of motor racing legends, maybe even have a quick chat with Damon Hill (see photo below). Usually our guests also enjoy an exclusive paddock tour where you can see the cars up close and chat to drivers and mechanics. Dates are: 13-15 May, 2022. For more details:

JUNE – we are currently hatching a tour of the Italian Lake District. This will probably be about 9 days in length and will feature visits to Lake Como, Iseo, Garda and Orta. There’ll be boat rides on ‘dolce vita style’ Riva speed boats, fantastic restaurants, gorgeous villas and gardens. A pleasure for the senses. We’ll finish up at a 5-star spa hotel with pampering and a trip to nearby Verona (city of Romeo and Juliet).

Adventures, dreams, fun, discovery, that’s what travel is all about!

JULY – in Venice, a time of blue skies, brilliant colour, sunshine and the Feast of the Redentore – a floating bridge is built across the Giudecca Canal linking Salute with the Church of the Santissimo Redentore. A wonderful time to be in Venice and to give thanks for Venice’s delivery from the plague.

SEPTEMBER – and it’s time for a little creativity. Join our Writer’s Retreat for a week of workshops, conversation, writing and most importantly, fun. Bookings are now being taken for this fun-packed week of creativity, inspiration and learning. The Writer’s Retreat as one of our lovely students said at the end of the first event in September 2019, ‘…it was the best money I’ve spent on myself and my creativity, ever…’ Well we can’t argue with that – join me and Sophfronia Scott for the writing week of your life…..

OCTOBER – it’s the season of fall foliage, autumnal colours and of course truffles. Join us for a truffle hunting adventure in the hills around Bologna. We have a variety of truffle hunting packages we can offer to our guests – working with local truffle hunters to take you for a walk in the woods and hopefully to find a truffle or two. Please note – this is a highly specialist trip and relies on our relationships with local truffle hunters. We enter into their world as invited (and privileged) guests. It’s an opportunity for us to really respect and understand nature’s bounty – as such we can only offer this experience to a very small number of clients each year. Seeing the hunters and their dogs working together to find and locate the truffles, often as much as two metres below ground level is seriously impressive.

NOVEMBER – A great time for visiting Venice and discovering the amazing art galleries, churches and hidden treasures around every corner. It’s also the perfect time to visit the Biennale, when the event is winding down and the crowds have gone. In Venice there’s quite literally a masterpiece in every church! Venice – there’s treasure in every church

DECEMBER – who knows what’s in store for November, your own Grand Tour of Italy, a trip to Sicily to enjoy the Festa di Santa Lucia, or a week in Milan enjoying fashion, art and amazing shopping.

Ragusa, Sicily - panorama
Ragusa, Sicily – panorama

THANK YOU – for showing an interest in the journey and reading this article. So far this year more than 60,000 people have visited We’d like to invite you to share the Educated Traveller blog and recommend us to your friends. Why not consider travelling with Grand Tourist in 2022. We can create a journey just for you or you can join one of our small groups. Ferrari driving in Tuscany, Art and History in Venice, Truffle Hunting in Emilia Romagna are just some of the unique experiences that we’ve been offering to clients for many years. All our journeys and experiences are delivered with authenticity and charm.

To discover more about our philosophy and dedication we invite you to watch the video below. We wish you SAFE TRAVELS and all the very best for 2022 xxx

From the northern shores of Lake Garda to the southern tip of Sicily we specialise in the history, geography, art and culture of the Italian peninsula. Join us on the page or in real life in Italy in 2022.

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Venice - bricole, lagoon and S Michele
Venice – lagoon, February, 2020

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  1. What a beautiful blog post, Janet! I love this. The photo of you in the cafe brings back one of my fondest memories of traveling with you–the morning that we sat at Caffe Centrale in Asolo, you writing and I painting. How very specaial!

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