Il Nuovo Trionfo, Venice

Il Nuovo Trionfo the only remaining ‘floating’ cargo ship ‘trabaccolo’ in Venice is in urgent need of repairs. The boat is at the shipyard in Venice now – € 5000– is required urgently for repairs to the wooden hull. So far € 4800– has been raised via ‘crowd funding’ here’s the link. If people give € 20 each – we only need another 10 kind donors……

You can donate here – € 20 will make a difference:

HISTORY – ‘Il Nuovo Trionfo’ dates from the 1920s. It is a wooden cargo ship – known as a ‘trabaccolo’ that was used to ship goods from Venice to Ravenna, Ancona and beyond. Cargoes would have included timber, wheat, and all manner of dry goods. The ship is the last floating example of its type. For the last few years ‘Il Nuovo Trionfo’ has been moored at Punta Dogana, Venice. The ship is part of the skyline of Venice – it’s up to us to help the people of Venice to respect and maintain this important part of their maritime heritage.

If you’d like to help or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me:

Il Nuovo Trionfo – short video – November 2019

Note – With special thanks to the people of Venice who have grouped together to create ”Amici di Nuovo Trionfo” (The Friends of Nuovo Trionfo) with the express purpose of maintaining and preserving this fascinating ‘trabaccolo’ ship in the lagoon of Venice. You can find them on FB – type ‘Il Nuovo Trionfo’ into the search bar.

December 2021 / Updated: 22nd Jan, 2022

Update: 22nd January, 2022 #crowdfunding has raised € 4800 of € 5000 required for the hull restoration work.

Just another € 200 to go!

2 thoughts on “Il Nuovo Trionfo, Venice

  1. Hi, Janice

    A very quick note from my Covid Recovery Bed in the bowels of BRI, (Bombay Royal Infirmary) just to thank you for, and congratulate you again on the interesting piece about Il Nuovo Trionfo. As I don’t do online banking or electronic payments, can you send me the name and number of the Bank account to which I can send a cheque for £20 by way of suggested donation – or (perhaps better) to your account, so that you can then deal with it as appropriate?

    Sorry no time (or energy) for more at the moment, but will look forward to being in touch again in the New Year, which I hope will be a better one for all of us.

    In the meantime, her emotions joins me in sending our love and best wishes for the Christmas season.



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