Sunday in Venice….

Sunday morning in Venice and the local people are out and about. Walking the dog, rowing in a traditional wooden skiff or just enjoying the cool air.

Life goes on. A boatman told me yesterday, that the plagues in the past lasted two years. We’ve done our two years now, he said, it’s over, time to get back to work. I think he’s absolutely right!

I’m back and I’ll be guiding a group of American clients in Sicily for the first ten days of October. This week it’s Venice, new discoveries and an exceptional ‘art hotel’ for clients who prefer a lighter less traditional touch…..

We are ready to go in Italy – time to retrieve our lost freedoms!

For numerous articles on Venice, Italy and life in general please consider looking at:

Time to start dreaming and then to start planning. 2022 is going to be busy!!

September, 2021

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