Writer’s Retreat – Venice, Italy Sept 18-24, 2022

We are back! Our Writer’s Retreat will return in September, 2022.

The ‘Write of Your Life’ event in Italy is a truly life-changing experience for our wonderful participants. It is tentatively scheduled for 18th September, 2022. We already have three people ready to join us. We’ll run the week with a maximum of 18 guests (we need a minimum of ten to be viable). This is your opportunity to invest in your creativity and passion for the written word. Will you join us?

Here’s the link to the brochure – the content remains the same, only the dates have changed. There’ll be a small price tweak too (but not much)…. https://www.grand-tourist.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2020-Writers-Retreat-brochure_digital.pdf

Here’s a brief article about the impact the event had on Andrew Simmonds in 2019. This generous, kind individual has been my husband for more than thirty years, he’s a mathematician, management consultant and executive coach. He is a man with poetry in his soul – it’s just been buried for a while……

Make Your Dream Come True….

Please read the article, it’s elegant, concise and so truthful.

If you’d like to see all the details – then click here for next year’s event (18-24 Sept), 2022:

The full programme for 20-26th Sept, 2020 (only the dates have changed – programme remains the same)

To discuss your participation further please contact either:

  • Sophfronia Scott – author and teacher at: sophfroniascott88@gmail.com
  • OR
  • Janet Simmonds – tour guide, travel company owner, blogger, art historian: janet@grand-tourist.com
  • If this life changing experience feels right for you – please get in touch!
  • Invest in yourself and your writing journey.
  • 22-09-2019
  • 05-01-2020
  • 18-10-2021
Tasting Lunch at De Gusto, Villa Barbaro
Tasting Lunch at De Gusto, Villa Barbaro – even writers have to fuel up occasionally.

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