Searching for Italy……

Sicily Map - large - commissioned by Grand Tourist - artist Bek Cruddace
Sicily Map – large – commissioned by Grand Tourist – artist Bek Cruddace.

Whilst we dream of Italy and of returning there very soon, these photos and links might inspire you to keep on dreaming. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted we’ll be back in Italy, experiencing the hospitality and warmth that characterises any Italian journey. From the days of the Grand Tourists, Italy has always been a favourite destination, next destinations for us include Le Marche region and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Happy dreaming!

I’m thinking April 2022 will be our restart!

Carpaccio, Vittorio – St George slays the dragon – Scuola S Giorgio, Venezia – 1502

April 2021

2 thoughts on “Searching for Italy……

  1. Janet takes us on fabulous and stimulating virtual tours of Italy …. Janet, your love for this extraordinary country shines through and it is so lovely to see pictures and memories of your visits. Can’t wait to get back to Italy myself!

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