Villa Cordevigo – country house hotel

Villa Cordevigo  is a wonderful country house hotel situated in gently rolling hills just a few miles from Lake Garda.  A magical, secluded oasis of calm and tranquillity.

Magnificent country house hotel
Magnificent country house hotel

The hotel consists of a series of buildings, beautifully renovated and arranged around a courtyard. There is a fountain and water tinkles into a large stone trough.  Manicured lawns and swept gravel paths lead the visitor to shaded terraces and a brand-new swimming pool.  A small chapel, with a bell-tower, nestles at the eastern corner of the property. There is a historic wine cellar for tasting the red and white wines of the surrounding vineyards.  The setting is like a fairy tale, I am a priviledged guest at a smart Italian estate.

The staff and the quality of the welcome are exceptional. A golf buggy arrives to whisk me from the car park to the hotel, just a one minute walk. Rooms range from luxurious spacious doubles to junior and deluxe suites. All the rooms are comfortable, bright and elegant. Nicola is in charge of the reception desk. He treats guests like long lost friends. Paolo, the bar-man is friendly, professional and so well informed. Aldo, in the restaurant is a big character. Paolo recommends a sparkling Italian ‘champagne’ and we are up and running. The restaurant is called L’Oseleta – it has a Michelin star, the chef Giuseppe d’Aquino is passionate about his work. He focuses on the highest quality local ingredients, beautifully presented, a treat for the eyes and the taste buds. My favourite is the ‘spaghetti pomodoro’ cooked to perfection and with the finest, most flavourful tomatoes. I also loved the ‘golden bomb’ dessert which exudes the citrus flavours of Napoli, the chef’s home town.

I travel constantly and it is a long time since I’ve experienced a hotel as beautiful, friendly and truly welcoming as this one. I can’t wait to go back – I loved it so much. Next time I shall definitely treat myself to a spa treatment – the spa area is beautiful too. That’s something to look forward to next time.

With huge thanks to Francesca Blench for introducing me to this exceptional hotel and to the fabulous team at the hotel, especially Nicola, Paolo and Aldo. Gentlemen the level of hospitality you are offering is absolutely fabulous. And I mean that – I mean every word! Auguri a tutti x

For more information on Villa Cordevigo contact

  • With thanks to Francesca Blench for introducing me to this wonderful hotel.
  • Thanks to Altissimoceto for the dessert photo.
  • Still my favourite hotel in this region of Italy – fabulous!
  • Visiting again soon. I love it here!
  • The Executive Chef at Villa Cordevigo – Giuseppe d’Aquino visited London in October, 2016 – here’s what I wrote about him: ‘Italian Food, Passion and Flavour’

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