Venice – A day on the water

The best way to see Venice, especially when it’s hot, is by boat!

Our perfect day in Venice started on the Riviera Brenta in the pretty village of Dolo, where three generations of my family had lunch at ‘The Old Mill’…

Then it was off to Fusina to meet up with our water taxi and a cruise around the lagoon. My father, his wife, my husband and my son – five of us, spanning an age range of 25 to 86, together for the day.

A perfect day on the water in Venice. It’s hot, hot, hot. But we escape the heat and see the city from our own water taxi! A wonderful way to see the city – even on the hottest day!

The Church of San Giorgio dei Greci is an oasis of calm in the bustling city. This is still the Greek corner of Venice. You can take Greek lessons here and attend a Greek Orthodox Church service.

If you’d like me to organise the perfect visiti to Venice for you, drop me a line I’d be delighted to hear from you.

I’ve worked in Venice as a tour guide and itinerary planner for many years. I’d be delighted to assist you with your Venetian travel plans. Just drop me a line with your dates of travel and any ‘must see’ places and I’ll do the rest!

For numerous articles on Venice explore my blog:

See you in Venice! Happy travels!


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