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I’ve been travelling with a traditional Herdwick tweed handbag at my side for the last ten years. Here’s the delightful story behind these beautifully made bags, inspired by the English Lake District. On a recent trip to Venice my Herdwick Handbag has come in very useful….

There is a small lane that winds its way up the hill opposite Beatrix Potter’s house. The view hasn’t changed since Miss Potter sketched it about one hundred years ago. The road winds up past Castle Cottage which was the house Beatrix moved to when she got married. When Beatrix died she left both Hill Top and Castle Cottage to the National Trust.A few years ago the National Trust refurbished Castle Cottage, intending to make it available as a holiday home. Local people objected strongly, they felt that the house should be occupied by a permanent Lake District resident. This meant that a suitable tenant had to be found. Mandy Marshall, an enterprising lady from Manchester had moved to the Lakes several years earlier when her husband got a job in nearby Barrow. They were looking for somewhere to live locally. Mandy loves the Lake District and had recently completed the local ‘blue badge’ tour guide training course for Cumbria. When she spotted that Castle Cottage was available she couldn’t believe her luck. It is difficult being accepted as a National Trust tenant, but after hours of interviewing Mandy and Bill were approved as tenants and moved into Castle Cottage.

In a delightful twist of fate Mandy Marshall had recently started a business making hand bags and accessories using Herdwick wool. Beatrix Potter was a great fan of Herdwick sheep, the characteristic native breed who thrive on the cold, wet and rugged slopes of the English Lake District. I’m sure Beatrix Potter would be delighted to know that an artisan business is being run from Castle Cottage using Herdwick wool. By complete chance, two years ago, my sister gave me a Herdwick handbag for Christmas. I love my Herdwick bag, it is stylish, practical and really useful. In fact my Herdwick handbag has been my loyal companion on frequent trips abroad. I love the idea that the wool from these Lake District sheep is being woven and made into beautiful and practical items right here in Cumbria. I also love the idea that Beatrix Potter played a significant role in the preservation of the Herdwick breed. You can read more about Beatrix Potter and the Lake District here in another article I’ve written about this determined and creative author, artist and sheep breeder.


Let me tell you how I discovered this original and charming story. In September 2016 I visited Hill Top Farm, Beatrix Potter’s first home in the Lake District, with my mother and daughter. The property is brilliantly managed by a dedicated National Trust team. The house and gardens are all staffed by helpful and informative volunteers.  The staff on duty when we visited were Fiona, Sally and Alexandra. They were so welcoming and knew so much about Hill Top and the life of Beatrix Potter that we stayed much longer than we intended. The staff really did enhance our visit to the property. Stood upstairs in Hill Top I started chatting to one of the volunteers about Beatrix Potter and her life. I was told about Beatrix Potter’s marriage to William Heelis and her move across the road to Castle Cottage. The volunteer also told me about the tenant in Castle Cottage today and her Herdwick handbags. I looked down at my own handbag and said, ‘Well I’ve got a Herdwick handbag and I love it, it is hard-wearing, and it looks good’. We laughed together at this coincidence. I made a few notes about Castle Cottage and Herdwick Handbags. I was very curious and I wanted to learn more. 

When I got home I googled ‘Herdwick Handbags’ and soon came across Mandy Marshall’s website featuring a selection of bags, i-pad covers, satchels etc. I was so taken with the look of the site and my own fabulous handbag that I e-mailed Mandy asking her if I might be able to visit Castle Cottage with a couple of American friends who would be staying with me a month or so later. Mandy’s response was so positive and welcoming. In late October I was arriving at the Castle Cottage gate with my friends. We were treated to an explanation of the Herdwick Handbag business, offered coffee and florentine biscuits and given a tour of Beatrix Potter’s home. The whole thing was fascinating. Not only were we in Beatrix Potter’s house, but effectively we were enjoying a private tour with an expert local guide. It was a unique behind-the-scenes experience.

I’d like to take my hat off to Mandy Marshall for the dedication and imagination she has shown in developing her business. Mandy has travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles to find the skilled workers needed to create her handbags. She is working with partners in Cornwall, Scotland and locally in Cumbria to create beautiful, hard-wearing, Herdwick bags. When we visited we were made to feel so welcome. It was a treat and a pleasure to be sharing in someone’s vision from inception to fruition. Congratulations to Mandy Marshall for all her hard work. If anyone is looking for a practical handbag that looks good I urge you to consider a Herdwick. This is true artisan wizardry at work.


Since meeting Mandy Marshall she has featured on several TV programmes, including ‘Back to the Land’ with Kate Humble. Mandy deserves this success and recognition. I wish her good luck in the future. As the Italians would say ‘Complimenti and Bravo’.


My Herdwick handbag makes an appearance in Venice at the Arsenale, ship-building yard - June 2019
My Herdwick handbag makes an appearance in Venice at the Arsenale, ship-building yard – June 2019
My brand new Herdwick handbag - at The Gritti Palace, Venice - Sept 2021
My brand new Herdwick handbag – at The Gritti Palace, Venice – Sept 2021

Why not explore the fabulous range of Herdwick Hand bags – a true cottage industry at: https://www.herdwick.co.uk/herdwick-tweed-bags.html

9 thoughts on “Herdwick Handbags – Lake District

  1. Everywhere you look it’s a picture right out of a fairy tale! I love the English Lakes District and this stop at Mandy’s was such an added bonus! Your writing has captured every moment beautifully–I right back there!

    Thank you, Janet!

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  2. Just watched the TV programme detailing your struggles, exploits, amazing ethos, spunk, creativity and enthusiasm. You are a fantastic inspiration. I don’t need a bag, but what you are achieving makes me want to contribute/help you succeed in your endeavours. What do you need? How would someone be able to help you move ever further forward and be part of your great adventure?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Janet – yes, I believe the programme has turned things a little crazy… hopefully for all the right reasons.

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