Travel in Italy – 2023

If you are considering a trip to Italy in 2023 then do please consider Grand Tourist is my tailor-made travel company specialising in unique journeys in Italy, The Alps and Greece.

I work with many of the luxury properties in Italy and numerous independent, family-run hotels too. I am entirely independent (no affiliations or allegiances). So when I’m creating itineraries for clients I have complete free rein. One of my challenges is meeting new clients. Once I’ve got the client no problem (they are mine for life)!!

This you tube video explains my philosophy:

The photos below show just a few highlights of trips I’ve created for guests over the last year or so. Creativity, art and history are all important aspects of my trips.

I focus on the whole of Italy – but I especially love Veneto and Venice, Sicily plus (of course) Rome, Tuscany, Trieste, Dolomites. My daughter Lucy put it succinctly when she said,

‘Our guests arrive as customers and they leave as friends’

Below are a couple of recently commissioned maps of Sicily and also Venice and the Veneto region – both close to my heart.

So if you like the idea of travelling on a unique journey in Italy, possibly in the footsteps of the Grand Tourists, then drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do!

See you soon,

Kind regards

Janet Simmonds – Director

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Hidden gardens of Venice and the Veneto

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Happy Travelling!

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1st May 2023

Fabulous Globe Painting at Miramare listing all the great Italian explorers from Amerigo Vespucci to Marco Polo
Fabulous Globe Painting at Miramare listing all the great Italian explorers from Amerigo Vespucci to Marco Polo

2 thoughts on “Travel in Italy – 2023

  1. Hello dear friend ! How are you ??? Wonderful to see you out and about !! My twenty something niece will be in Venice for 4 days in August prior to joining a youth tour group- it will be her first trip to Italy Would you be able to recommend any place for her to stay and any favorite restaurants or not to miss agenda items ??? Please ink consulting fee required Love, Rhonda

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    1. Hello lovely Rhonda! A great place for your niece to stay is ‘Combo’ in Venice it’s affordable lodging, aimed at youngsters – with private courtyard, bar etc. It’s fun.


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