Imagine floating through the air at dawn. A strange, fairytale landscape unfolds below you. All is quiet except for the occasional flame that heats the balloon and assures your ascent. This is Cappadocia, a magical landscape, a place to dream and discover new horizons, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Fabulous Giardinetto, Orta

On the water’s edge is the only place to be in the summer time. Italy’s Lake Orta is one of the smallest lakes and is enchanting.

The bell-tower of Mazzorbo, Venice

There’s so much to discover in Venice. This is the island of Mazzorbo where vines planted ten years ago are now producing grapes. The first harvests have produced a unique, golden wine known as ‘Dorona di Venezia’.

Villa Cordevigo - fabulous country house hotel

What could be better than a week at the villa, in this case Villa Cordevigo, discover your creativity and artistic skills, May 2023. Painting, making, experimenting, it’s all part of the fun.

Rome - a panorama of the roof tops of Rome

Rome – the eternal city is always an inspiration to visitors. The Forum and Colosseum remind us of the Roman Empire and a time when most of Europe was ruled from Rome, about 2000 years ago.

Sicily is the Treasure Trove of the Mediterranean. Conquered by everybody over the centuries; Greeks and Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, Normans, Spanish, they all came and left their mark. The map on the left was specially commissioned by Grand Tourist in 2020 (artist:Bek Cruddace). The Grand Tourist brigade will be in Sicily in June, 2023.

Athens continues to attract adventurous souls and can be combined with Istanbul, or a Greek island or two.

Grand Tourist Map of Veneto & Friuli regions by talented artist Bek Cruddace, commissioned by

Travel and journeys. It’s all about discovery and perspective. When I’m planning my travel activities I always try to include something new, a town or a house or a tower or a river that I’ve never visited before. I try to travel with an open mind and accept the unexpected on the journey – it’s all part of the world of discovery for me. This year I think it’s going to be a hot-air balloon ride over the rocky landscape of Cappadocia, I’ve been thinking about it for years. Then maybe a few days in Istanbul for a stay at The Pera Palace, where Agatha Christie was a regular visitor. Followed by a quick trot round the Topkapi Palace to admire the ceramics and the beautiful kiosks (summer houses) in the gardens.

I’m looking forward to this New Year and the opportunities before me. Who knows which path I’ll choose. After all that path might lead to a secret garden, a french chateau or a Roman fort, you just never know.

Safe travels to everyone and perhaps see you in Cappadocia.

Janet xxxx

The Educated Traveller is a blog specialising in tales from Italy, The Alps, British Isles and Mediterranean Basin, especially Sicily, Greece and Istanbul our sister company creates unique, tailor-made journeys for families, couples and small groups in the same areas.

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January 2023

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