Sicily – La Sicilia galleria

  • All photos by or by Maria Cristina Castellucci, journalist and writer based in Palermo.
  • Maria Cristina’s photos are the fabulous photos of Mondello, Sala Ruggiero + Palazzina Cinese.
  • You can read Maria Cristina’s blog at: Sicily Stories and more….. where there are numerous sories and tales about the history, culture and art of this wonderful Mediterranean island.

As a tour guide in Ragusa once said to me, regarding the history of Sicily…..

‘Believe me Janet, nobody passed us by….’

June 2022

Lulu and Jimbo - October 2021, Mondello
Lulu and Jimbo – October 2021, Mondello


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  • For numerous articles on Sicily head to and type Sicily into the search bar. Why not start with Sicily in the Movies

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