Bonfire Night and Martinsfeuer

Ah, the first mulled wine of the year, or Glühwein as it’s called in Germany. Candles on the table, condensation at the windows’ edges: the cosy …

Bonfire Night and Martinsfeuer

This is a delightful blog from my daughter Lucy Simmonds. She writes thoughtfully and eloquently about ‘Martinsfeuer’ which is St Martin’s Eve in Germany.

Quite a coincidence because I too have been struck by the charm and joy of the Festa San Martino in Italy (Feast of St Martin) which I’ve written about. How could I not, San Martino features huge, highly decorated and completely delicious biscuits. A must for every under ten year old and me, don’t forget about me! Festa di San Martino – Venezia – just delicious!

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