Sasha’s European Road Trip – a dog’s point of view

My name is Sasha Simmonds, I’m an eight year old Cairn Terrier – Poodle Cross. They call me a Canoodle – they think its funny. Personally I don’t get it. When she explains it to people, she says, ‘you know…………..canoodle……….what courting couples used to do in the back row of the cinema’. I have no idea what she is talking about, I don’t know what a ‘courting couple’ is and I’ve never been to the cinema. You can only go there if your owner has you certified as a ‘carer’ dog. I do care, I care a lot, but I’m not a carer dog.

She’s been talking about a journey across Europe for months, years even. I don’t know why – but we are going, and amazingly I’m going too. Actually I’m quite excited but don’t tell her. These humans their egos are big enough without us encouraging them. I have to say as a small dog my needs are simple enough. Food twice a day, plenty of water and exercise and that’s me. Happy! I do have a little Hermes scarf that I’m rather attached to, Lily from across the road (she’s a Jack Russell) said I look like ‘class, pure class’ when I’ve got my ‘Hermes’ on… pronounce it air-mess she says. But I’m a dog I wouldn’t know, I can’t even pronounce ‘sausages’.

So, the thing is, we are off in the morning. South all the way to the coast. First night is in Southampton to see Lucy. She’s the daughter of my owner, only daughter, very special. I like Lucy – she’s nice to me, gives me a cuddle. She took me on a day out in Chester last year. We dogs don’t forget things like that. I met her friends, walked in the park, ate her picnic (and she didn’t mind). I like Lucy. I’m going to spend the night in Lucy’s room – that’s exciting too. Maybe we’ll have a midnight feast. Don’t tell my owner – she’ll worry that I’ll get an upset stomach, which I almost certainly will if I’m given sweets, cake and chocolate. Don’t tell her. The next morning we’re off to the Channel Tunnel or the Tunnel sous la Manche – I’m bilingual which is very unusual for a dog. She doesn’t know that of course. They’re not great listeners those humans. Comfortable in French and English me. Can’t wait to meet some Frenchie dogs…………………….find out what’s what in their neck of the woods. Got to go, I’ve got an over-whelming desire to eat grass. That’s not promising. See you later.  Just heard her say we are staying in a chateau on the first night in France – now that sounds right up my alley!

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