Monaco – Historic Grand Prix 2022

We are back in Monaco and it is wonderful. Today is the Historic Grand Prix. Classic cars representing the very best of automobile history will race through the streets of Monaco. From our terrace in Casino Square we’ll see the cars as they accelerate up the hill from the port and then manoeuvre around Place Casino before hurtling down towards the Fairmont.

Monaco is a jet set paradise, famed for luxury hotels, gambling and spectacular events.

2 thoughts on “Monaco – Historic Grand Prix 2022

  1. Congratulations, Janet – in succeeding in enticing me to read this article about one of the more boring subjects in which, not being a petrol-head, I have no interest at all! However, in this case, I did read your article for two reasons:
    (1) it was refreshingly short and didn’t therefore take up too much of my day, and
    (2) it was written by you. (If it had been by the motoring correspondent of “Autocar”, I wouldn’t have bothered, but anything written by Janet Simmonds is never to be ignored, in my book!

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