Lovely greetings from Wilderswil

A cute tale from a small village near Interlaken, Switzerland – written by Lucy Simmonds (a linguist through and through) xxx

Lucinda Jane Simmonds

Not quite slap bang in the middle of Switzerland, but slightly more southern and westerly, lies the village of Wilderswil. Wild in nature and unwild in populus. Indeed, the dörfchen in the Bernese Highlands has a population of just over two and a half thousand and belongs to the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. Upon researching this settlement, I found out that it counts as an urbanized village, not quite a village, not quite a town. The inventory even provides translations of the term “urbanized village” in the four official languages of Switzerland: villaggio urbanizzato,vischnanca urbanisada (Romansch),village urbanisé & verstädtertes Dorf.Wilderswil was first settled in the 7th century by the group of Germanic tribes called the Alamanni. We know this because some of their graves were found during the excavation of some land where a hotel was to be built about 150 years ago. The name…

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