Lake Lucerne, Switzerland – Back on the bicycle…….

Lake Lucerne – Back on the Bicycle……………………….

Last summer I found myself on the shores of Lake Lucerne for a day or two. So I grabbed a bike and off I went. Cycling as close to the water as the road or the path allowed.

The great thing about being on a bike is that you are there in nature. You can feel the wind in your hair, you can smell the scent of the flowers in the gardens, you can smell the freshness of the mountain air. I love it. What’s more you can stop as often as you want. I cycled through a couple of small villages and was just heading out into the countryside when I caught a glimpse of the most tenacious of birds – the coot. Now I know from the Netherlands that coots like to nest in unusual places. This particular coot had built its nest in the centre of a rubber tyre that was floating (moored) in the lake. The current of water around the tyre was intense, you could see ripples of water converging onto the edge of the tyre. But the coot, to give it credit was unperturbed! The precarious nature of the nesting place bothered the coot not one bit!

In fact when I focused on the water I realised that it was crystal clear, with green, luxuriant, healthy-looking reeds growing from the lake bed. This water had come straight from the mountains high above me. Oxygenated, full of minerals, full of life. Maybe it was the water quality that attracted the coot. There’s something about this water straight from the Alpine Peaks, the mountains that divide Switzerland and Italy. These huge mountains with their massive glaciers and enormous rivers.

These mountains and streams, lakes and rivers provide our life blood. As I cycle along the shores of Lake Lucerne I consider the richness of Switzerland, the beautiful snow-capped peaks and crystal clear lakes. Switzerland is the guardian of these exceptional natural treasures: mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests, fresh air. We are so lucky to have these beautiful natural environments to enjoy and appreciate.

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