Sicily – June 2023

Why not join me and a small group of travellers (maximum 8 guests) for a tour of Sicily. Starting in the south-east corner of the island, we will discover the beautiful Val di Noto, with a fine selection of Baroque villages and fabulous architecture. We’ll visit the places and towns featured in the TV series Montalbano. Then we’ll head along the south coast to visit the fabulous Greek temples at Agrigento. From there we cut across to Sicily’s north coast and the exquisite seaside town of Cefalu. Then we make our way via mysterious, semi-abandoned palaces to Palermo. A city rich in culture, history and tradition. This is the perfect introduction to Sicily.

Here’s the full programme: The Treasures of Sicily

La Sicilia, map created for - February, 2020
Sicily Map – created exclusively for Grand Tourist – Feb, 2020

7 thoughts on “Sicily – June 2023

  1. Hi Janet – Laura Stegmann (formerly of La RosaWorks) here. I have been following your travels and hope that you are well. Life has changed considerably since we were last in contact.

    Two notes for your consideration:

    I recommended you to my cousin, Maureen Monaco. She may be in contact with you regarding an upcoming trip to Venice that she is planning for this coming October. I believe they will be a party of 4, but it might be more. Not sure. Wanted to bring this to your attention. She has questions about hotels, tours, etc. – I thought of you immediately.

    Also – my son James is leaving for Padova this week. He flies into Venice and will spend a month travelling around the area. Her family lives and owns a business in Padova. Karin and her two brothers spend their time between Florida and Italy. Not a bad life!

    I was wondering about your availability and cost to coordinate a boat tour for James, his girlfriend and her two brothers (and potentially their Mom). I know that this is the busiest time of year, but I thought I would at least inquire on their behalf. My son, James, returns August 15 so the tour could be scheduled for a day somewhere during his visit depending on what else they have planned (Tuscany, Cinque Terre, etc.) I am SO jealous.

    I enjoy your posts and am hoping to get back to Italy at some point soon. It’s been far too long!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,

    Laura Stegmann

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  2. As you know, Janet, Laura isn’t the only one to enjoy your posts! I rely on them, primarily to further my education on things European (and especially Italian) – secondly for the sheer joy of reading your excellent commentaries on both familiar places and [especially] unfamiliar places, and thirdly for the challenge of trying to spot your regular hidden but obscure grammatical errors! (I’m pleased to say that I found this one quite quickly at the end of your very first sentence! (You had reverted to you previous habit of failing to distinguish between the verb “it’s” and the possessive “its” – I claim my £10 prize for spotting the presumably deliberate error!)
    More importantly, the proposed tour and planned programme looks fabulous; I am only sorry that, for reasons I won’t bother you with, my days of European tours are regrettably over – but I look forward v much to “readin’ orl abart it” !!
    Finally, also to endorse your presumed enjoyment of the Montalbano TV series, which Management and I thoroughly enjoy watching – good plots, good acting and magnificent scenery!
    With many congratulations and thanks again,
    Warmest regards

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