Venice – Accademia Art Gallery

Venice is an exceptional city. A unique blend of land and sea, marooned in the waters of the lagoon. A city of breath-taking art and architecture. A city of more than 140 churches, at least 500 palaces and literally tens of thousands of portraits, landscapes, paintings, sculptures and other art works.

The Accademia Art Gallery houses a selection of some of Venice’s finest works. The recently refurbished galleries are a treat for the eyes. Fresh, clean and easy to enjoy. The galleries are spacious and not over-crowded. Exceptional works of art are given space and distance from their neighbours. This enables the visitor to appreciate and enjoy each piece of art.

Annunciation by Veronese – great use of colour and perspective. The vibrancy of angel & detailed architectural elements – a delight. 1550s.

Mary absorbs the news delivered by the angel.

Giorgione’s The Tempest’ is a masterpiece of colour, mood & composition. c. 1506

Titian’s Tobias and the Angel reminded me immediately of Salley Vickers novel of the same name. Beautifully painted, light & movement. Trust and joy.

The arrival of St Mark’s body in Venice, by the great master Titian. Ethereal imaginary painting. Ghostly in its construction, souls fleeing from the square?!

Next time you have an hour or so to spare in Venice pop into the Accademia – you won’t be disappointed.

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