Writers – Make your Dream Come True, Venice, Italy – Sept 21-27, 2021

We’ve just completed the inaugural ‘Write of Your Life’ event in Italy. It was a truly life-changing experience for the diverse and fascinating participants.

Here’s a brief article about the impact the event had on Andrew Simmonds. My husband for more than thirty years, he’s a mathematician, management consultant and executive coach. This is a man with poetry in his soul – it’s just been buried for a while……

Make Your Dream Come True….

Please read the article, it’s elegant, concise and so truthful.

If you’d like to see all the details – then click here for this year’s event: The full programme for 20-26th Sept, 2020

Bookings are now being taken. We will be welcoming a maximum of 20 participants.  To discuss your participation further please contact either:

  • Sophfronia Scott – author and teacher at: sophfroniascott88@gmail.com
  • OR
  • Janet Simmonds – tour guide, travel company owner, blogger, art historian: janet@grand-tourist.com
  • If this life changing experience feels right for you – please get in touch!
  • Invest in yourself and your writing journey.
  • 22-09-2019
  • 05-01-2020

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