Southern Italy & Sicily with your own private guide



Dates: 14-26 April, 2019

Vesuvius dominates the Bay of Naples -
Vesuvius dominates the Bay of Naples –


14-16 April (2 nts): Naples / Napoli

This trip starts in Naples (Napoli) where we stay at a good quality, four star property. Hotel Palazzo Caracciolo (or similar). Right in the heart of the old city. Fabulous. The perfect location for exploring the tiny back streets of Naples, filled with character, noise and fun.


16-17 April (1 nt): Vesuvius, Herculaneum, Paestum

We’ll travel south today around the Bay of Naples to the spectacular Greek Temples at Paestum. The original Grand Tourists thought these temples were Roman. It wasn’t until the late 18th century / early 19th century that visitors and experts began to suggest Greek origin. They are roughly contemporary with the Acropolis in Athens (and very similar). Time permitting we’ll pop into the Medical Garden at Salerno – more on this later.

Temple of Nettuno at Paestum
Nettuno Ristorante is an institution at Paestum – operating for more than 100 years

17-18 April (1 nt): Matera, Basilicata

A morning visit to the Greek temples is a must. Then we’ll head inland to Matera. Matera is in Basilicata. It is a charming stone-cut old town, many of the houses are actually caves, hewn from the rock face. In 2019 Matera is the European City of Culture. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. An evening walk and dinner in a sassi (rock) dining room is on the cards tonight.

Full moon over the basilica, Matera - 2019 City of Culture
Full moon over the Basilica, Matera – 2019 City of Culture

18-20 April (2 nts): Lecce, Puglia

We’ll have a free morning in Matera to explore these polished stone paths. I can take you on a nice walking tour. Then around midday we’ll head to Alberobello to see the Trulli Houses (famous conical houses) of this region. Then we’ll continue south to Lecce, said to be the Baroque jewel of Italy. You are totally ahead of the game here ladies and gentlemen, years from now Lecce will be the European City of Culture – but not yet! The 19th April is a full free day in Lecce for us to explore, relax and unwind.

20-22 April (2 nts): Ragusa Ibla, Sicily

Today will be a fun day, we’ll have a leisurely start before heading north to see Polignano Mare (probably for a light lunch) and then on to Bari for our flight to Catania, Sicily. This evening will be our first night in Sicily, staying in Ragusa Ibla – another spectacular Baroque town. 21st April will be a full day in Ragusa Ibla, we’ll tour the area and see the sites associated with the Montalbano Detective Series.


22-24 April (2 nts): Capo d’Orlando, Sicily

Today we head north towards Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, there have been a few rumblings recently so we won’t go too close. We’ll pop into Taormina for a short visit and then on to Capo d’Orlando on Sicily’s north coast. From here there are spectacular views of the Aeolian Islands. Nearby Cefalu is an idyllic Sicilian town with a fantastic cathedral. We’ll visit Cefalu either today or tomorrow.

24-25 April (1 nt): Palermo, Sicily

From Capo d’Orlando we’ll travel west towards Palermo, the royal capital of Sicily. The Spanish princes had their court here for centuries. There are interesting palaces to visit, tiny water front villages to admire and the most amazing mosaics. Palermo is very impressive.

Cathedral of Cefalu, built by the Normans 11th century
Cathedral of Cefalu, built by the Normans in 11th century –

25-26 April (1 nt): Palermo – Rome

A quick trip up to Monreale this morning, the former royal palace. Before heading to the airport for our afternoon flight to Rome. Depending on flight timings I have various little treats up my sleeve for our last night in Rome.

26 April: Lunch time flight out of Rome

Herculaneum, Roman seaside town, buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD

  • This trip includes 12 nights accommodation
  • Good quality hotels
  • Breakfast daily
  • Private tour guide to accompany you and lead sight-seeing
  • Transportation throughout the trip in Italy (except flights)
  • Full sight-seeing program
  • Numerous ‘meet the locals’ opportunities
  • The cost is US $ 5500– per person (max. 4 guests in group)
  • Travelling in a very small group is like travelling with friends
  • Relaxed, friendly and very flexible
  • Just like the original ‘Grand Tourists’
  • This experience can also be found on the web site.
  • The link is: Southern Italy & Sicily

Your reading list:

Then for Sicily I’ve written these:

Southern Italy – the route we will travel from Naples to Lecce and then fly out of Bari..

The route we’ll travel in Sicily. Arrival in Catania, Ragusa Ibla, Taormina, Capo d’Orlando, Cefalu and then finally Palermo.


My contact details:

Procida – delightful fishing island, just off the coast of Naples

The best pizzeria in Naples

The Neapolitans love making models – featuring famous people. Can you recognise them?

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7 thoughts on “Southern Italy & Sicily with your own private guide

  1. I can recommend Janet’s travel services without reservation. I’ve traveled to Italy three times with groups she organized. Don’t hesitate! This will undoubtedly be the trip of a lifetime!

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  2. Congratulations, Janet, on discovering the art of cramming 20 days’ activities into 10 days! This reminded me of the Irish Travel Brochure’s memorable advertisement to “come and spend 2 days and 7 nights in Dublin”!
    We have visited four of the places on your itinerary – but over four different holidays – each one prompting a wish to return. We would just love to be able to combine into one trip a visit to those four and and the other fantastic places which you are including on your amazing tour. Unfortunately our commitments in April will prevent us from being able to on this occasion, but I envy those who will be lucky enough to take up this super opportunity to participate in what will undoubtedly be a trip of a lifetime.
    I assume that the cost will include the supply of Energy tablets and three foot massage treatments?
    Congratulations on yet anther inspired and inspirational itinerary.
    John & Margaret

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