Mauro Uliassi – Senigallia, Italy – 3 Michelin stars

An idyllic setting on the legendary ‘velvet beach’ of Senigallia.


Amazing, exceptional, incredible, Mauro Uliassi.

Consistent, brilliant, delicious and under-stated for more than ten years. Now he has a third Michelin star. Well deserved. Complimenti a tutti.

Here’s an article I wrote about Uliassi several years ago: Gastronomy in Senigallia – Uliassi

Nothing has changed he’s as brilliant as ever. To book a table:

Buon appetito!

5 thoughts on “Mauro Uliassi – Senigallia, Italy – 3 Michelin stars

  1. Wow! You surpassed yourself on your original (2015) write-up, Janet – which I was compelled to read because of the tantalising photographs in today’s post, and all the provocative hints! And I wasn’t disappointed! What a superb blow-by-blow account, which in the telling alone was simply mouth-watering – a real Foodies’ delight! Almost worth booking another trip to Senigallia just to savour the delights of Mauro Uliassi and his family!

    Thank you so much for yet another delightful read; you clearly had all the right ingredients!

    Liked by 1 person

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